RSGB 21/28MHz Contest 2012

We’ve not entered this contest before, and it seemed like it could be fun given how band conditions had been in the previous few weeks.

On Saturday afternoon we got the beam up at QTH G0HVQ and found there were issues with it, replacing the two driven element tips with ones that Darrell had in his garage solved those issues, so there is work to be done for next time.

We were based in the garage (to keep a low profile) with an Elecraft K3, Acom 1000 amplifier delivering 400W into the antenna. Operating a multi-op multi-mode entry were Iain M0PCB on CW and Darrell G0HVQ with Steve M0SPF on SSB.

There were some big signals from 5B and ZC4 on both bands, and plenty of DXCCs worked on both bands, just not large quantities. At 1400z the rate really dried up and we didn’t work anyone for about an hour.

On 15m we worked 196 QSOs and 51 DXCCs.

On 10m we worked 23 QSOs and 9 DXCCs.

229 QSOs in total, with 10 dupes making a final count of 219 QSOs. 155 of those were CW, and 74 were SSB. The total claimed score is 38,520 points.