CQ WPX RTTY 2017 – G9V

Couldn’t get together a team effort for this one so Darrell G0HVQ decided to take part from home with the G9V call, single-band 15m with a Hexbeam and 400W.

Going for SOSB 15m seemed a bit crazy at first, as 15m has been dead for the last few months with the solar flux in the low 70s and the solar cycle nearing minimum. However, the band woke up for the contest and 277 QSOs were made. Some nice DX in there: YB1AR, YE1K, YB0NDT, V53DX, V5/DJ9KM, 9M2TO, 4S7KKG, PZ5RA, FG5LA, OA6Q, YV5IUA, PJ6T, P49X. The northerly path was not there though, so no JA, VK or ZL, and very few VEs. The band opened just after UK sunrise around 0730z and shut an hour or so after sunset around 1830z, and it stayed open to South America an extra hour on Sunday evening.

Band     QSOs    Pts     WPX
21      277         708    205

Total claimed score: 145,140



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