G9V takes #1 England in CQWPX RTTY 2017

Another one to add to the collection: #1 England SOSB 15m HP.

G9V takes #1 England in CQWW RTTY 2016

CQ WPX RTTY 2017 – G9V

Couldn’t get together a team effort for this one so Darrell G0HVQ decided to take part from home with the G9V call, single-band 15m with a Hexbeam and 400W. Going for SOSB 15m seemed a bit crazy at first, as 15m has been dead for the last few months with the solar flux in the …

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CQWW RTTY 2016 – G9V

Building on previous RTTY contest entries, which the team are enjoying more and more, we decided to give WW RTTY a real good shot this year. Sadly we were a few men down due to other committments but the four of us arrived at the contest site on a beautiful sunny day and setup the …

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RSGB IOTA Contest 2015 – GU9V

Before the contest MU0PCB was active mainly on the WARC bands. Clive the Contesting Penguin was on watch as usual.

Usually VSQ members Iain M0PCB, Chloe M0GEJ and Pete 2E0SQL join the HamTests team for the IOTA contest and operate as MU0HTJ. This year, due to the incredibly unfortunate and untimely passing of Louis 2U0FER plans changed somewhat. Already we had decided that in 2015 the Vulture’s short contest call would be used as GU9V, …

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A team effort didn’t come together for a variety of reasons so Iain M0PCB entered this contest SOSB 20m LP Assisted, aiming for a new record. The station was a K3, G3TPW Cobwebb at 33 feet and 100W output. Roughly 24 hours of operating produced the following claimed score: Band     QSOs     Pts  WPX 14    1031    …

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Darrell G0HVQ activated G9V single-op single-band 10m High Power, making a total of 539 QSOs inc some nice runs into JA in the morning and West Coast USA in the evening. Band   QSOs   Pts  WPX 28    536    1407  356 Total     536    1407  356 Score: 500,892


20m Spiderbeam and 10m Yagi atop the NN4ZZ Hexlock

This year we had made some significant improvements to the station, with mono-band antennas for each of the HF bands.  These were a 3 ele mono-band Spiderbeam for 20m at 55 feet, a 3 element mono-band Spiderbeam for 15m at 40 feet and a 4 element yagi for 10m at 60 feet. The 40m and …

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The antennas at G9V, 5-band Spiderbeam on the tower and the 40m vertical behind it.

We nearly pulled the plug just after arriving at site, after finding we were down to half complement due to illness, car failures and family holidays. Nevertheless, we decided to push on but set-up took significantly longer with only 3 people. Given the extended set-up time and lack of our usual night-time ops, we decided …

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G9V takes #1 England in CQWW CW 2014

Darrell G0HVQ operated Single Op 80m Low Power. Placed 1st in England, 11th in Europe and 13th in the World.