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Other information regarding the group and equipment etc.

Calendar Updates

Some new events have been identified for the group to enter, the calendar has been updated to reflect these. M0VSQ looks like it is about to take off!

M0VSQ acquires a beam…

The beam on its way back from Coventry

In a moment of madness, encourage by Steve, I bid on a 3 element tri-band beam on eBay. It turns out we won it for a quite reasonable price. Having just picked it up from Marti M1DCV in Coventry this is what it looked like on my car. Having spent a few hours on it …

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M0VSQ is born

The Vulture Squadron Contest group has existed for a little while now, though has undergone renewed enthusiasm. We are planning to enter the open section of SSB Field Day in September, and then CQWW SSB in October. Watch this space!